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Planet Mermaid, by LEZA CANTORAL (review)

-- a review by Tive Martínez, 2016

Leza Cantoral's debut novelette is dedicated to Walt Disney, H. C. Andersen and Miley Cyrus. With such a background, 'Planet Mermaid' happens to be a funny weird remake of the much-loved fairytale, introducing a twisted happy-end. 

Here's a bitchy Sea Witch and a mute teen siren that longs to come out from the sea, but don't expect your handsome prince to marry her. When the human male enters, he acts as a man is supposed to: roughly forcing his way into any hole of hers.

The whole story brings a spooky turn of the screw to your classic fantasy. Leza's mermaids are pale, cold and slimy abyssal creatures. Consequently, men and mermen use and abuse them as helpless sextoys. 

Bizarre as it seems, 'Planet Mermaid' doesn't lack its sort of veracity. Despite some misplaced piranhas, Leza succeedes while creating a complex underwater world with a detailed culture of rites and beliefs, even an epic past and future. I'd appreciate a longer narrative in order to develope this cool allusions.

-- 'Planet Mermaid' (2015, Dynatox Ministries) 

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