sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

2016 printed books bundle

As a 'working-class dreamer' (Eileen Myles developed this) I am devoted to art and beauty, also being aware of my low income. Anyway I tried to catch the best with the help of my friends.

In no special order (my translations by link):

- "Selfish", Kim Kardashian (Rizzoli)

- "The Book of Endless Sleepovers", Henry Hoke (CCM)

- "There Should Be Flowers", Joshua Jennifer Espinoza (CCM)

- "Ghosty Boo", Kate Litterer (A-Minor Press)

- "Hera Lindsay Bird", Hera Lindsay Bird (Victoria University Press)

- "Night Sky With Exit Wounds", Ocean Vuong (Copper Canyon Press)

- "R.I.P. Nadia de Vries", Nadia de Vries (self-published)

- "Witch Hunt", Juliet Escoria (Lazy Fascist)

- "Sisternhood", curated by Nadia de Vries (self-published)

- "An Indoor Kind of Girl", Frankie Barnet (Metatron)

- "The Idiot on Fire", Brad Casey (Metatron)

- "Cassette 89", compiled by Oscar d'Artois (Dostoyevsky Wannabe)

- "Alba Londres #7 - Contemporary British & Spanish Feminisms" (self-published)

- "The Four Poets #4" (Swimmers Group)

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